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    You Can Live The Life You Want

    If you’re thinking, “No I can’t,” then we have plenty to talk about. We’ll talk about things you normally leave unsaid and explore the behaviors and life experiences that brought you here today. And we’ll work together to explore the root causes of your challenges, the first step toward creating a new path forward.

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    Living Without Alcohol and Drugs

    With 32 years in recovery, I can honestly say that I walk the walk. I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom, and the sweet feeling of getting up off of your knees and taking your first steps toward a new, vibrant life. It may sound like it’s not doable, or total BS, but my clients and I are walking proof that it works.

  • I’ve recently been working with addicts that have lost hope. Strung out and hurting, their first thought, before eating food, going to work or finding love is searching for their next fix. What they don’t know is that they are stuck in this cycle not because they are weak people, have addictive personalities or have no willpower, but because, at the time, drugs and alcohol topped the list of their coping skills. If this sounds like you, together, we can find new ways to cope with all of the issues life can throw your way. And you will get better.


    I’ll work with you to start a new life. It begins by finding peace in stillness, where you quiet your mind and listen to that still small voice in your heart. From there, you'll learn to accept yourself where you are, right here and right now, realizing that thoughts are just thoughts, resulting in you having the power to make choices about your own life. You'll learn new problem-solving skills, and after a while, you'll remember that you are marvelous, deserving and one of a kind. You are worth it.


    We'll also spend time looking at your dependent behavior to determine where it came from. It may be rooted in past trauma, fear, depression, or anxiety about something specific. I'll help you define that root cause and together we'll work our way through it. Your dependency was the answer to some kind of pain you endured, and I have the tools and desire to work with you to find it.


    Together, we can put an end to old behaviors controlling how you live your life today. You can have the life you've always wanted with coping skills that work for you instead of against you.

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    Belonging to the LGBTQ community myself, I know the importance of creating a safe place to explore and talk about the challenges we face. A place where there’s no judging, and feeling pride about who you are is a foundation element in all we do.

  • I work with all ages… young people coming out, disapproving families, and adults who just want to live the life that feels right to them. No matter what age, gender or circumstance, all of my clients benefit greatly from talking about their journeys, having their stories relayed back with greater clarity and working together to move their lives forward.


    I’ll listen to you with an open mind and challenge you to look at the hard things facing you. When it comes to communicating your thoughts and ideas, everything is on the table. Society generally feels awkward talking about some things… like sex… but, those difficult to talk about areas are the most important to shine a light on, and we will - whether you're in a long term, monogamous marriage, in a polyamorous or open relationship, or happily single and asexual.


    I’m all about looking wherever we need to look to find answers and create solutions. It’s my job to help you become empowered to live your best life - to get past what’s stopped you from doing it so far and finally just live it.

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    My emotionally focused work with couples centers around opening your heart and discovering a new way to come together. If you’re turning away from each other in your relationship, we can turn you back toward each other by redefining the love you have in an intentionally supportive and caring way.

  • It begins by looking at your relationship as having three interconnected parts - you, your partner, and the relationship itself. We’ll talk about how doing things for your partner is also doing things for the relationship. You’ll learn to communicate your needs clearly and proudly. And we’ll explore how supporting each other’s individual needs only make your relationship stronger.


    We’ll figure out what’s worth an argument and what’s not… and we’ll create a “toolkit” to help you build a more supportive, mutually respectful relationship. Again, nothing will be left unsaid - it’s the only way to dig our way down to the source of our challenges and solve them.


    I’m not about band-aids on symptoms - I’m all about discovering the root cause of your behaviors and challenges and working from there.

  • About Counseling

    What You Bring

    Therapy is about shamelessly opening up and telling me your true story. The only way to get to the core of your challenges is to allow your vulnerability to shine through. When you show me your vulnerability, you’re showing me that you have the courage and strength to change your situation.

    What I Bring

    I bring an open heart and mind to hear your story without judgment or assumption. I have the tools and experience that comes with the territory, but even more importantly, I have an innate ability to help you see yourself with complete clarity.

    Together, we’ll work side-by-side through discoveries, challenges

    and the wonderful feeling of Aha! moments.

  • About Me

    Nancy Haver MA, LMHC

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor #LH60970848

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    I’m originally from Southern California and have lived in Seattle since the late 80s. I’ve also been sober for 32 years, and embrace my recovery by being of service to those living with substance abuse, chemical dependency, alcoholism and drug addiction.


    My life passion is to bring hope to others, and I'm able to do that everyday. I work with individuals, couples and families who are experiencing depression, anxiety and PTSD. For many, nothing they do brings them the relief they seek. We work together to discover where their lives went off track, and utilize techniques to bring them the lives they've always wanted.

    • Addictive Behavior
    • LGBTQ Community and Allies
    • Grief and Loss
    • Life Transitions

    Call me. I'd love to hear what's on your mind. Let's talk about the work we can do together.



    • Master of Arts Degree - Psychology/Counseling, LIOS/Saybrook University

    • Seattle Counseling Service - One-Year Internship

    • Bachelor of Arts Degree - Liberal Studies/Music, California State University Long Beach

    Training & Workshops

    • EMDR Therapy
    • Lifespan Integration Therapy
    • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

    • Gottman Couples Therapy

    • Certified Trauma Therapist


    • Washington Mental Health Counselors Association

    • Seattle Counselors Association

    • Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling

  • What to expect when you call me

    When you call me, you and I will schedule a phone consultation. We'll talk for about 15 minutes, and together, we'll determine whether we're a good fit. If we agree, we'll schedule our first full appointment, and I'll send you my intake materials. I'll request that you complete them before we meet so that I'll know more about you, why you're seeking therapy and what you expect to achieve.

    A Note About Privacy...

    Please note: email is for scheduling or administrative inquiries only. All new clients must contact me by phone. Any other use could potentially leave private health information unprotected, as email is not secure.

  • Contact Me



    Nancy Haver Counseling

    Seattle, WA 98122


    All sessions are conducted via TeleHealth, easily allowing us to see and hear each other via a secure website from anywhere in the state of Washington. I've created a peaceful virtual office with a wonderful vibe where we can do our work together. So pull up a chair along with your computer, tablet or smart phone, and let's get started. My pets may even drop by to say hello.

  • More Ways to Find Me

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  • Rates, How to Pay, Hours & Insurance


    Individuals, Couples and Families: $160 for each 50-minute session.



    Payment is by credit cards at time of service.


    I believe therapy should be accessible to everyone, and reserve time for clients who cannot afford full fees. Please contact me for more information regarding my reduced rate fees.

    Hours & Scheduling

    By appointment. Please call me to discuss a date and time.


    I have a 24 hour cancellation policy to avoid a fee equal to an appointment. Please call me at 206-257-3863 to cancel an appointment.


    Please note: I do not accept insurance, but I can provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. I will not bill, or make submissions for reimbursement to your health insurance provider.